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Posted on: October 30, 2008

Om Namha Shivaya!

I got this info from some other web site and want to share with
all of you

God Bless
From Rahul (RBSC: )

12 Different Types of KALASARPA YOGA

There are so many books n so many guidelines for KALASARPA YOGA.
KALASARPA YOGA becomes a benificial points to astrologers as
people affraid of this yoga. but before predict anything one should
go to the root of KALASARPA YOGA and its effects there are so many
types of KALASARPA YOGA. one should check the type there are also
clock wise n anti clock wise yoga which can be positive or nagative
to native. when all planets comes between rahu n ketu it calls

There are 12 types of KALASARPA YOGA according to the places of
ketu and rahu in horoscope. it must be seen in lagna kundli not in
chandra kundli or surya kundli. to determine the type of ks yoga one
should properly draw the langna kundli

1. Anant KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in Lagna, Ketu in seventh house:
The Native will be victim of betrayel everywhere. The native is
prone to be target of conspiracies hatched by people supposedly
close to him. The native is likely to lose out in matters of courts.

2. Kulika KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in second house, Ketu in eighth:
This yoga will give native lazyness n inactiveness. This combination
is not good for the native's health. Expenses would be more then the
income and the financial situation would remain fairly mediocre. He
has to struggle a lot in life to achieve something. He can not get
things easily.

3. Vasuki KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in third house, Ketu in ninth: If
the native is in service he must think twice before signing or
stampint anywhere. this is a danger yoga for court etc. The native
would have trouble dealing with his brothers and friends. Travel to
foreign countries would create problems. The native having this
combination in his chart should take precautions in deals by paying
extra attention towards legal documentation.

4. Shankapal KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in fourth house, Ketu in tenth:
the main property of this native is dissatisfaction. The native with
this combination would never be satisfied with his financial
situation and would always strive for more. The native is prone to
troubles relating to immovable property.the native may face problem
regarding the ancestor properties also.

5. Padma KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in fifth house, Ketu in
eleventh:This ks yoga gives problem to native in love life n marrige
life. The native would have trouble with children. The native should
never try his luck in lottery, share markets, and anything where
speculation is involved.

6. Mahapadma KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in sixth house, Ketu in
twelfth: lonelyness is the curse to these natives. The native would
not do well in relationships and would have a very pessimistic view
of life. they have very different vision among life.

7. Takshak KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in seventh house, Ketu in first:
The native will go for extra marital affairs n get defame in
society.There is a need for the native to be extra careful in matter
relating to married life and business partnerships. the native
should not do any partnership in business.

8. Karkotik KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in eighth house, Ketu in second:
The native has to struggle by his own.The native does not benefit
from any paternal property. There would be a lot of trust issues
between the native and his friends. This combination is not good for
health ..

9. Shankhnaad KALASARPA YOGA - The native is very different in
terms of religion n believes. Rahu in ninth house, Ketu in third:
This combination indicates problems from higher authorities,
government of the day and local administration in the field of
business and commerce.Ego is the main problem of such natives.

10. Paatak KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in tenth house, Ketu in fourth:
The native should not go for wrong business.Rahu being in tenth
house indicates problem in employment and higher authorities whom
the native would report to during his/her job.In job they find many

11. Vishakt KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in eleventh house, Ketu in
fifth: The native feels life like hell. This combination indicates a
lot of problems between the native and his elder brother. The native
would also remain away from his native place throughout his life.
the native may find health problems time to time.

12. Sheshnag KALASARPA YOGA - Rahu in twelfth house, Ketu in
sixth: The native has fear from unkonwn. they cant sleep well. they
have weird dreams. The native would be prone to problems from people
whom he does not know. they loss their confidence and can not
success in any field of life.

In case of opposite direction it gives good results. To
remove bad effect of KALASARPA YOGA one should do shivapooja
daily. shivapooja is the main solution for this KALASARPA YOGA n
once offer a small copper snake, silver snake n iron snake to lord
shiva on monday and do laghurudri in shiva temple which must located
at river bank. the mrutyunjaya mantra is the best to cut bad effect

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my name is prem bijman singh
date of birth 24 december 1959
time is between 4.15am and 5.15am born in durban south africa
please let me now if i have kaal sarp yoga in my birth chart and how to remedy such a yog
my dad passed away on 8 january 2008 a
my problems is that i have had no promotion or success at work

mahesh bang indian based astologer said that i had i killed a naag or nagin in my previous birth i have performed naag panchaik pooja at the beach

i ma studying and i want to complete my degree and make asuccessful life
please assit or help


prem Singh

You will have promotion or success at work one day. Be patient. The bosses are watching who can work well or not well. Do the nag pooja at beach as suggested by your astrologer.

Hare krsna

this is prem singh form durban south africa if we chant teh maha mantras daily and i have been a vegatariion for over 18 years and dont take alochol or smoke or have illicit sex life then will the chanting NOT REDUCE OR NULLIFY THE KAAL SARP DOSHA

Please explian



Do not believe in ill potents such a Kaal Sarpa Yoga for it has several types and a person’s life if lived with love and faith for God will nullify the conditions. Since you are vegetarian and chant mantras daily you should not have problems with Kaal Sarpa Yoga. Learn to chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. This nullifies Kaal Sarpa Yoga totally. Its Shiva’s Moksha Mantra.

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