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Sri Swami Muktananda on Rudraksha beads

Posted on: October 25, 2008

Sri Swami Muktananda on Rudraksha beads
From:”Satsang with Baba” Vol 2,1972.

Visitor: What is the importance of wearing rudraksha beads, and who is qualified to wear these beads according to the scriptures? Are these beads a sign of beauty?

Baba: Rudraksha are not a small sign of beauty, they are a most important symbol of beauty. Just as in worldly life the beauty aids which you use are cosmetics, different ornaments, cremes and powders, in spiritual life, it is your rudraksha mala which is the best beauty aid. In ancient times, the ways in which one beautyfies himself were also useful for the body. But today, unfortunately, the ways of adormant are merely for fashion and have no use for the body or for other aspects of ones being.

There was a time when people wore silk and pure cotton. These materials have great qualities; they are very good for the body. But today people wear artificial silk or things made of synthetics, and these are not at all good for the body; they create all kinds of trubles, and they affect the skin very badly. Whatever was recommended by rishis was good for the body, good for people in different ways, and it also enhanced beauty. Take another custom: for instance, here our women used to wear gold ornaments. Gold not only adorns the body, but it also has great medicinal value, because gold destroys all kinds of diseases. When our women used to wear a lot of gold, they would not fall prey to diseases so easily. But today, now that they have stopped wearing gold, they have to resort to ointments and bandages much too frequently.

Rudraksha beads not only adorn the person, but they also are very useful in spiritual life. Moreover, rudraksha beads destroy germs, and they keep the blood pressure normal. Rudraksha beads free us from so many other troubles. It is essential for spiritual seekers to wear rudraksha beads because they are extremely useful. They insulate a seeker from all misfortunes and calamities. Besides, it is also the question of following the example of great people, and that is what the Lord emphasises in the Bhagavad Gita. There was a time when Mahatma Gandhi wore a plain and simple cap, and all his followers started wearing that kind of cap.

It was Lord Shankara, right in the beginning of time, who was the first to wear rudraksha beads, and after Shankara, all the spiritual seekers started wearing them. There are different ways of keeping the body pure, say touching the body in different places with the repetition of mantras, wich is called nyasa, and washing it a number of times. But these ways cannot keep the body pure even for twenty-four hours. But if you are wearing rudraksha beads, they keep the body pure at all times, and you do not have to resort to other practices.

All those who have faith and devotion are qualified to wear rudraksha beads. There is no other special qualification required for wearing them. Women are as qualified to wear them as men. Rudraksha beads have been honoured from time immemorial. They are mentioned in the Upanishads and also in the Vedas. If I were to put it concisely, I would say that rudraksha beads are Rudra Himself, Lord Shiva Himself.

Posted by David Zaremba from Sweden

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