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Simple Worship of Yantras

Posted on: October 25, 2008

Simple Worship of Yantras

For those who prefer simple worship of a Yantra, traditionally a small lighted oil-lamp or ghee lamp placed in front of the Yantra is regarded as the best form of simple worship. The lighting of incense of various types is also well regarded as is the auditory stimuli of chanting Mantras or playing tapes of sacred chants. As Yantras are living energy systems, they respond to all sensory stimuli. Perfume is perceived as a vain affectation and is to be avoided especially as most perfumes consist of synthetic components. Energy workers such as Reiki masters and Pranic healers can direct their own energies at the Yantra as a gesture of giving thanks or in worship. Some healers have reported stunning positive responses that were evoked.


2 Responses to "Simple Worship of Yantras"

great it is amzing

Thank you for your kind words. May God bless you too.

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