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Direction of Puja Ghar / Altar

Posted on: October 24, 2008

Direction of Puja Ghar / Altar 

Posted at Rudraksha Societies Beads Club on March 23, 2008 

Namaste Anilji,

Its ok to ask again :) Please don't mind my suggestion that a Folder
be created for storing any interesting messages from this forum so
you can always refer back to them. I do this on my computer and in
recent days have saved messages from Vrsolaji, other friends as well
as the Kundalini article (link sent by you).

According to Vaastu, the North-East corner of the house is ideal for
a puja room. It is generally believed that the deity should face
West, can face East or North but never face South.

North-East zone is considered most appropriate for worship because
the morning sun's rays fall on the North-East Side of the house which
is most auspicious and good for health too.

You are always welcome and hope this helps.

Om Namah Shivaya

--- In, Anil Kumar
<yogi75ank@...> wrote:
> Namaste Narasimhaye,
> Appologies for asking this question again. In which
> direction should a puja ghar be placed? Should it be
> facing east or should the devotee be sitting facing
> east while the puja ghar and the dieties are facing
> west.
> Iam just not able to trace your previous reply in this
> regard and hence would appreciate if you could clarify
> this again for me.
> Dhanyavaad in advance.
> Aum GauriShankaray Namah
Posted at Rudraksha Societies Beads Club on March 23, 2008

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