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Without Meditation There Is No Success

Posted on: October 23, 2008



Without Meditation There Is No Success



Sri Kaleshwar

My direct statement to everybody is, it depends how much you do japa that determines how much success you will get. Austerity is austerity. Whatever japa you do with strong inspiration, that brings to you, to your soul, to your path, to your great success. Japa is top, top, top, number one, top priority to charge your soul. There’s nothing else in the universe that can charge that much high frequency to your soul. It’s like a super charging to your soul battery. Then, generally, the negativity won’t touch you that much once you’re super charged. You have much willpower, confidence, the highest resistance power, and divine protection circles around you.

We can rise up our energy to make our third eye strong. If the third eye is strong, generally you’ll be able to get your mind under control, the heart will get stronger and you won’t get heartbroken that easily. If you don’t have heartbreak, your way of thinking becomes stronger and your soul capacity increases. When your soul is super strong, then you’re able to connect to supernatural things.


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