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Placement of Shani Yantra/About Shani

Posted on: October 23, 2008

Placement of Shani Yantra/About Shani

There is actually no specific designated direction for Shani Yantra to
face. However its important to place it on the altar. Since its the
furthest planet (if I remember correctly) from the Sun, its all right
for placing on the furthest left part of the altar.

If being afflicted by Sadhe Sati or Shani Mahadasha, its suggested to
peform daily prayers in front of Shani Yantra and recite the mantra 108
times each day. Light an oil lamp and incense. Offer black sesame
seeds, black grams, flowers, fruit, sweets, milk and curd.

The mantra is:

Om Sham Shanaishcharaya Namah Om.

On Saturdays, donate black clothing, iron nails, steel items, cooking
oven, cooking utensils, and fried and oily food to beggars. Its also
fine to donate black mustard seeds and black sesame seeds to poor
families. Another type of donation is a black cow or buffalo to a poor
man on Saturday evening.

On Saturdays, visit Hanuman Temple, do prayers and make offerings. Out
of the pantheon of more than 330 million gods, Sri Hanuman is the only
deity who can control Shani. Its Shani’s nature ‘to sit’ on everyone,
gods, planetary deities and rishis. In order to sit on Sri Hanuman,
Shani had to ask his permission to sit on Him. Shani then was able to
sit on Hanuman, then Hanuman used his tail to flick Shani’s face to the
floor. Hence Hanuman is able to control Shani and not let Shani sit on
Him without His permission.

Persons going through minor and major Shani malefic periods will also
benefit if they pray regularly to Sri Hanuman. The same goes for those
undergoing Kaal Sarp Yoga.


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