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Nava Graha Stotram

Posted on: October 23, 2008

Nava Graha Stotram 
Translated by P. R. Ramachander


Surya (Sun)
Japaa Kusumasankasham Kasyapeyam Maha Dhyuthim
Tamognam Sarvapaapghnam Pranatosmi Divakaram
My salutations to the Sun,
Who is like the flower of meditation,
Who belongs to the clan of Kashyapa,
Who is of greatest brilliance,
Who is the destroyer of darkness,
And who is the destroyer of all sins.

Chandra (Moon)
Dadhi Shankha tushaa-raabham Khseero Darnava Sambhavam
Namaami Shashinam Somam Shambhor Mukuta Bhooshanam
My salutations to the moon,
Who is white like the curds and conch,
Who was born from the ocean of milk,
Who is adorned by a rabbot in him,
And who is the ornament of the head of Lord Shiva.

Kuja (Mars)
Dharanee garbha sambhootam ,Vidyut Kaanti Sama-prabham
Kumaram Shakti Hastam ,Tham Mangalaam Pranamamyamaham
Salutations to the mars,
Who is born to the earth,
Whose shine is equal to lightning,
Who is a young man,
And who carries the Shakthi.[1]

Priyangukalika Shyaamam , RoopenaaPratimam Budham
Soumyam Soumya Guno Petham Tam Budham Pranamamyamham
My salutations to Budha,
Who is black like the bud of millet,
Whose beauty has no equal,
Who is gentle by nature,
And who is positive.

Deva-naam cha Rishi Naam cha Gurum kaanchana sannibham,
Buddhi Bhootam Trilokesham Tam Namaami Brihaspatim
My salutations to Jupiter,
Who is teacher of devas and sages,
Who is equal in shine to gold,
Whose soul is intellect,
And who is the lord of all three worlds.

Shukra (VENUS )
HimaKundha Mrina-laabham Daitya-naam Paramam Gurum
Sarv aShastra Pravaktaaram Bhargavam Pranamaamyamham
My salutations to Venus,
Who shines like the snow white jasmine,
Who is the great preceptor of Asuras,
Who is an expert in all sciences,
And who is the son of the sage Bhrigu[2].

Sani (SATURN )
Neelanjanasamaabhasam Ravi Putram Yamaagrajam
Chaaya Marthanda Sambhootam Tam Namaami Shanaiswaram
My salutations to God Saturn,
Who is the colour of blue- black,
Who is the son of Sun God,
Who is the elder brother of Yama,
And who is the offspring of Sun God and his wife Chaya[3].

Ardha Kaayam Mahaa Veeryam Chandra- Aditya Vimardanam
Simhika Garbha Sambhootam Tam Rahum Pranamaamyaham
My salutations to Rahu,
Who has only half body,
Who is a great hero,
Who hurts the Sun and Moon,
And who is born out of Simhika.[4]

Palaasha Pushpa Sankaasham Tarakaa Graha Mastakam
Roudram Roudraa-tmakam Ghoram Tam Ketum Pranamaamya-ham
My salutations TO Kethu,
Who has the appearance of a Palashaa flower,
Who has a star on his head,
Who is terrible to look at,
And Who is ugly and the soul of terror.


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