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Mantra to become more Attractive

Posted on: April 20, 2011

to become more attractive 


Pah-d-mah Soon-dhar-yera Nahm-ah-hah)

Om and salutions to She who
personifies beauty.

After a 40 days of mantra discipline, ten to thirty
minutes twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening , we may actually
seem to become more physically handsome or beautiful and

Mantra to make the personality more

Om Maha Lakshmicha Vidmahae

Vishnu Patnicha

Tanno  Lakshmi Prachodayat

(Om Mah -hah Laksh-mee-chah
Veed -mah-hae

Vish-noo Paht-nee-chah Dee-mah-hee

Tah-no Laksh-mee
Prah-cho-dhah-yaht )

Om and salutations to that primordial Lakshmi,
spouse of Vishnu, kindly impel us toward that elevated state you

Mantra to develop the powers of Lakshmi

Shrim Siddhayei Namaha

(Om Shreem Sid-hah-yea Nahm-ah-hah )

and salutations to She who releases magical abilities within.

If you are
doing business or a leader in a government in any country this mantra will help
you to solve problems . Your leadership will be founded on compassion and
steeped in right thinking and positively affect hundreds or even thousands of

Source: Posted by Kilan Kirenadar on Rudraksha Beads
Societies Club

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132 Responses to "Mantra to become more Attractive"

Sorry to hear your brothers often fail at their studies. Tell them to try the mantra for Lord Ganapati. He wrote the Mahabharata. The mantra is:

Om GuNg Ganapataye Namaha.

Recite every day for 90 days, then take two weeks’ resting and start again.

By the way, if you don’t mind, when you make a post, please use the dialogue box that needs approval for your post to appear. Otherwise it’s very hard for me to find your message.

Thank you very much. You mean after reciting this mantra om gung ganapataye Namaha for 90 day then rest two weeks you recite again.. They will have powerful memory and not forget what there are reading?

Yes to your question. But they can also use the antes forGoddess Saraswati to attain knowledge, intellect, eloquence in speech, etc. she is the patron goddess for the arts and sciences. Good for students, scholars, scientists, actors, singers, etc.

Google Saraswati to learn more about her or go to my Gods/Godesses section as well as Mantras section to know more.

Meanwhile the simplest Saraswati mantra for your brothers to recite is:

Ohm Aim Saraswatiye Namaha.

Also do for 90 days, take two weeks resting and start again.

To my dear friends here:-

I’ve noticed that a lot of people always click on this link for a mantra to be attractive. This is the most popular post. I appreciate your interest but:-

Surely there are people who want further knowledge about other matters like puja, other important mantras for other gods or topics.

It will be interesting to see who will first click on another link in this blog to ask a different question other than regarding attraction.

To dear John:-

Please also Google for mantras on YouTube. Some are really very good. They are mostly recited by pundits, priests or gurus.

Dear Sir

Please can you tell me any mantra for getting peace of mind? Any mantra that helps me to ask God for forgiveness and His kindness.

Thanks very much.

God naturally forgives. The rest is Karma. The mantra for achieving peace is:

Ohm Shanti, Shanti, Shantii Ohm.

Thank you.

You’re very welcome. God bless.

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