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Mantra to become more Attractive

Posted on: April 20, 2011

to become more attractive 


Pah-d-mah Soon-dhar-yera Nahm-ah-hah)

Om and salutions to She who
personifies beauty.

After a 40 days of mantra discipline, ten to thirty
minutes twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening , we may actually
seem to become more physically handsome or beautiful and

Mantra to make the personality more

Om Maha Lakshmicha Vidmahae

Vishnu Patnicha

Tanno  Lakshmi Prachodayat

(Om Mah -hah Laksh-mee-chah
Veed -mah-hae

Vish-noo Paht-nee-chah Dee-mah-hee

Tah-no Laksh-mee
Prah-cho-dhah-yaht )

Om and salutations to that primordial Lakshmi,
spouse of Vishnu, kindly impel us toward that elevated state you

Mantra to develop the powers of Lakshmi

Shrim Siddhayei Namaha

(Om Shreem Sid-hah-yea Nahm-ah-hah )

and salutations to She who releases magical abilities within.

If you are
doing business or a leader in a government in any country this mantra will help
you to solve problems . Your leadership will be founded on compassion and
steeped in right thinking and positively affect hundreds or even thousands of

Source: Posted by Kilan Kirenadar on Rudraksha Beads
Societies Club

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111 Responses to "Mantra to become more Attractive"

how could a female perform the manthras for 41 days ( because of 7 days of periods) ? in this case what should a girl do?

Namaste Meera,

Yes its ok to perform for 41 days, have the rest during the cycle and then resume mantra again afterwards.

Best wishes,

which mantra should i recite to become beautiful girl????please say

Obviously this is the mantra. It’s clearly stated as you can see. Best of luck to you!


Pah-d-mah Soon-dhar-yera Nahm-ah-hah) is this only the mantra to become beautiful?if it is please clarify my doubt sundharyei or sundharyera???please tell……its very important for me…thank you


Pah-d-mah Soon-dhar-yera Nahm-ah-hah) is this only the mantra to become beautiful?if it is please clarify my doubt sundharYEI or sundharYERA???please tell……its very important for me…thank you…awaiting for ur reply

Pronounce as:
Om Padma Sun-dhar-yei Namaha.

As far as I know, the above are the only 2 mantras to become more attractive or pleasing to other people. At the same time, please try to understand that Inner Beauty is more important than outer appearances. If you have a nice personality and you know you are a good person, that is enough. If the other party can’t notice this, it’s his loss, not yours. It’s best to wait for someone who likes you for who you are than what you look like. There’s no point to have a beautiful face but a bad heart. Best of luck to you.

what are rules to be followed during the period of chanting mantras

Chant the mantra preferably for 90 days if possible. Use a sphatik (crystal) mala and count 108 times each round or on each day.

om padma sundariye namaha…
can u please tell, to which god this mantra belongs?

When we talk, our words are like mantras that go up to the yonder or the heavens. When you use the word sundar, the meaning can be found here:

In other words, the god is yourself. All humans are also like walking mantras. Hence it’s important to beware what you say or chant.

thank you sir, and their is another mantra which my friend told that (soundarya siddi sadana) the words comes like this……. om soundarye soundary pradaay sidhim dehi namaha.. which should be done for 21 days and 11 rosaries. whose benifits are glowing,fairer and cures all skin related problems like pimples etc……

The mantra above will give the same effect but it must be recited sincerely and with focus. The right mantra is always the one that you feel good about chanting. You need to meditate to see which one you prefer to try.


Pah-d-mah Soon-dhar-yera Nahm-ah-hah) is this only the mantra to become beautiful?if it is please clarify my doubt sundharYEI or sundharYERA???please tell……its very important for me…thank you…awaiting for ur reply

when we chant this mantra aftr washng face r when we wake up that time tl me sir

Can be chanted after waking up and washing your face in the morning or at night after washing face before bedtime.

sir its enough to chant nly fr 41days r cn we continue daily

sir its enough to chant nly fr 41days r cn we continue daily and can i chant this mantra with other mantra

Yes can chant with other mantras too.

Best to chant 108 days and continue too, the more the better.

thank u sir.,. Sir if any mantra to control pimple plz say sir

You are welcome. No mantras for controlling pimples. Best to see a beautician in a salon.

hello sir…
i read most of the articles published in ur blog, really very interseting and mind relaxing sir.
i got a doubt while reading ur article. can we chant more than one mantra per day( i mean mantra belonging to different god), will it create problem if done so.

Thank you for your kind words about my blog being interesting. I’m glad to hear you read it and find it relaxing.

Yes it’s fine to chant more than one mantra per day. The best is to keep to one or two mantras per day maximum so that a devotee can focus only on the ones they recite all the time.

what is the right time to chant mantra at night, can i chant by 11.30pm or 12….because for foreigners day starts at o’clock night.
And when does the day beings in Hindu culture.

hat is the right time to chant mantra at night, can i chant by 11.30pm or 12….because for foreigners day starts at 12 o’clock night.
And when does the day beings in Hindu culture.

Chant at the same hour every day or night, it doesn’t matter what time.

can we chant mantras by our self or should we obtain guru disksha or guru advise because i dont have any guru.And is it compulsory to sit in assana position and what is one rosary means.

Sir kya yeh mintra ek boys chant kar sakta ha

Namaste Rajan,

Yes, males can also chant this mantra.

Best wishes,
Om Shanti

om kleem kamdevay namah
meaning and benifits???

Kleem is the Bija Mantra for KamaDeva or Lord Cupid. Benefits is for those who wish to attract a life partner or soul mate.

any mantra to look attractive and attract every girl in the world???

Obviously there are limits for all mantras and all persons. It does not pay to be greedy in wanting to attract every and any girl in the world. Choose one girl or ask God to show you the path to meet your life partner.

not every, but can om kleem kamdevaye namah help me to attract maximum girls around me???
and do these mantras distract us from our studies???

Not maximum girls, remember not to be greedy…. Only those girls who owe you karma will be attracted to you. And no, mantras do not distract students from studies.

owe u karma means ???
does kleem mantras distract us from studies???

Nobody is your servant to reply to your questions any time. I am not online every day. I have a life and many things to do.

Please learn to say Thank You, learn patience and manners.

If you don’t have patience, manners and charisma, how can anyone be attracted to you?

This mantra also bestows charisma.

No mantra in the world distracts anyone from studies. How many times do you have to be told this?

Learn the above 3 virtues and good things will happen.

Good luck to you.

plz reply

How about saying the words “thank you”. Learn some humility.

thank u and sorry for the nonsense done by me
actually i dont have parents and i am curious to know about these mantras because i want to become famous and i have no one to ask
so sry
but one question that u wrote the girls who owe karma what does that mean
and could u just tell me when do u come online??

Its Ok, no need for apologies, just know that u have to thank yr elders if they tell or teach u something. I’m sorry to hear u don’t have parents, this is sad.

To become famous, first u have to work or study hard, climb up the ladder one at a time. It’s like taking steps to heaven, walk one step at a time. U will get there one day but patience is important.

U can start by making a blog for yourself like this one on WordPress. U can personalize it, and put what you know on it. People will see it and get to know u through yr blog.

In past life times, there are girls who may have met u, then disappeared or their parents made them marry other men. May this lifetime, one of them will meet u and marry u — this is a girl who owes u karma. So she will pay back.

thank u
but is there any mantra so that i look more appealing more sexy
different from the crowd and i become a actor????

This is the only mantra for you to look appealing, sexy, stand out from the crowd or maybe will make you become an actor.

There are no other mantras for your wishes.

Instead of asking again, why don’t you start practising it 108 times a day?

Maybe one day your wishes may come true. Good luck.

thanku once again
which mantra
om kleem kaam devay namah ??
om kleem krishnaya namah ??
or your mantra???

U r welcome.

Try: om kleem kaam devay namah

namaste sir,
i have a doubt regarding chanting mantras… is every mantra should be chanted without missing a day to obtain its full benifit. and is their any specific day to start chanting mantras…

Yes a mantra should be chanted every day without missing one day of the 108 days if you wish to gain full benefits. There is no specific day to begin a mantra. But do it at the same time each day or night.

thanks for the information…but pls tell us what should ladies do during their periods while reciting the above mantra or any other mantra of any god for any purpose for 41 days or 108 days…? thank u…

I’m not online every day because I have a job and other commitments to take care of. I can only get online when I have time. When you have questions, please be patient and wait.

During your monthly cycle, you can stop reciting the mantras or any mantra, and then resume after the cycle has stopped.

Hope this answer is clear to you.

sir pls tell what should women do during periods while reciting 108 days…awaiting your reply…thank you…

Pls see the other reply which answered your questions.

yes sir it is clear… thank you very much for ur reply and sorry that i asked u twice… actually im fresher to comment section, so i thought my comment has not been posted…sorry…

You are very welcome. It’s Ok that you asked twice, no problem there.

can someone tell me to which God/Goddess this mantra belongs? or to which God/Goddess the chanting will attract us to?

can someone tell me to which God/Goddess this mantra belongs? or to which God/Goddess the chanting will attract us to?

Goddess Padma (Lotus which also means beautiful).

thank you.. Is Goddess padma an avatar of lakshmi?

Yes she is an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi.

Sir, you are giving nice mantras and which are interesting. Sir I want to impress one person, please give any mantra to impress him.

Thank you for your kind words. This mantra can be used for impressing him, good luck and God bless you.

You can use this mantra to impress him:

OM PADMA SUNDHARYEI NAMAHA (Om Pah-d-mah Soon-dhar-yera Nahm-ah-hah) .

which day of week should mantra be started. Does this mantra only help with face and skin or with developing attractive hourglass figure too?

The mantra can be started on a Friday which is Devi’s day. The mantra helps with the whole person’s aura or auric field and only attracts someone who has past karma with you in some other life time.

It does not help with looks like your face, skin or hour glass figure.

You are asking too much. Recite the mantra and leave the rest to God.

But u hav written it make u beautiful nd attractive. Now u say it only makes aura positive nd not fave skin or figure

March 10, 2014 at 11:03 am

But u hav written it make u beautiful nd attractive. Now u say it only makes aura positive nd not fave skin or figure
HI Kam,

I don’t write mantras. They were written by holy men, sages or rishis thousands of years ago. There must be some truth to them or else they would not have survived all these years till modern day for people to recite.

If you look at the title of the mantra, It says “To Look More Attractive”. The word “beautiful” was not there. Neither are the words fave skin or figure. If you want to have an hour glass figure you need to exercise and if you want good skin, you need to see a beautician. I am not a magician.

sir i am back and thanku for always being their
i want to know the meaning of this mantra and everything related to this mantra
om shreem hreem sarswatye namah
and can i practice 2 mantras at a time??
like in the morning one mantra and another in the night help me

You are very welcome Raam. “Om Shreem Hreem Saraswatiye Namah” is a mantra for Goddess Saraswati. It’s useful for students, intelligent pursuits, managers, artists, actors, singers or anyone in scientific and performing arts.

Yes you can practice one mantra in the morning and another mantra in the night.

thank u sir shreem also helps us to become attractive??

Yes shreem also helps.

hello sir, i know d imp. of inner beauty, but due 2 some skin deases and stress my skin having spots and also become pale…i hv also pitt prakruti so it affects my skin …i want 2 overcome dis…nd want 2 become beautiful….please suggest mantra for me

Yes inner beauty is most important. Outer beauty is only an illusion that fools stupid men. You need to appraise your life and make a timetable for your daily activities — this will help to reduce stress in your life.

About pitt prakruti that affects your skin, try an Ayurvedic diet or other healthy diet. An example is on this site:

You can also visit a beautician for help with the spots on your skin and plan a beauty regime for daily use. This is for outer beauty.

For inner beauty and outer beauty, this is the only mantra available.

Instead of asking more questions, it’s best to start reciting the mantra daily, at the same hour, 108 times per day or night.

Pitta Diet

People with a pitta dosha display an inherent fire/agni elemental character. They are of medium build, with greater muscular development than that displayed by vata. Their skin is soft and warm, and they have a lot of body heat and often perspire excessively.

Their hair is thin and often reddish or blond, and they may experience premature graying, baldness or excessive hair loss. Their skin flushes easily and they often have many freckles and moles.

Their skin develops acne, rashes, bruises or sunburn easily.


Eat more

Eat less

Cool, sweet and juicy foods Acidic, sour, spicy, salty, oily foods


Asparagus, bell pepper, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, corn, cucumber, lettuce, mushroom, peas, parsnip, potato, squash, zucchini, salads

Avocado, beets, carrots, chilies, eggplant, olives, onion, pickles, radish, spinach, tomato, turnip


Apples, banana, dates, coconut, grapes, lychee, mango,melons, pomegranate

Apricots, berries, cherries, citrus fruits, cranberries, papaya, peaches, pineapple, plums rhubarb


Barley, oats, rice, wheat

Corn, millet, rye, buckwheat


All beans


Nuts & Seeds

Coconut, pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Most nuts, sesame seeds


Unsalted butter, ghee, milk, soft cheeses, buttermilk, sweet lassi

Sour cream, yogurt, hard cheeses, sour buttermilk, ice cream

Herbs & Spices

Cardamom, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, lemongrass, mint, rose, turmeric

Asafoetidea, basil, bay leaf, caraway, clove, cayenne, cinnamon, fenugreek, garlic, sage, ginger, mustard seeds, nutmeg, onion, pepper,


Coconut, sunflower, soy

Almond, corn, sesame, olive, peanut


Cool drinks, milk, water, coconut milk, fruit and vegetable juice

Carbonated drinks, hot drinks, coffee, tea, alcohol

thnk u so much sir for reply

Hi sir, i believe in inner beauty only .but my husband is very beauty conscious..for his sake i want to be can i chant this this can i attract him.

It’s good that you believe in inner beauty. I’m sure your husband can already see your beauty, both inner and outer, that’s why he married you. Otherwise he would not have married you. Do you feel there is further need to “attract him”? He’s already attracted to you.

If he is narcissistic, meaning he likes to look beautiful himself, then you can also start a beauty regime to take care of your face, like having facials at a beauty salon or spa. Or buy suitable beauty products like skin cleanser, toner, face cream for the day, eye cream and night cream or serum to prevent wrinkles.

However if you feel all the above suggestions are not enough, then by all means chant the mantra if you like.

aum hreem namah
aum hreem hoom namah
mantras meaning benifits everything plz sir

There are mantras for specific matters. No one mantra can benefit everything. Think about what you wish for, then select the right mantra to chant for your wish to manifest in your life.

i am doing
om namah shivaya in morning
om kleem kaamdevaye namah afternoon
om shreem hreem sarswatye namah at night
is it fine to do so
and what results i would get?

Its fine to do 3 mantras in a day at different times. The results would be what you chant the mantras to achieve and only you know what they are.

No harmful effects at all.

om namah shivay in morning
om kleem kaam devay namah iin afternoon
om shreem hreem sarswatye namah at niight
is it right to doo so or are there any harmful effects??

Skin mantra

There is no mantra for skin alone. For facial help, go to a beautician’s salon for clay masks.

i have beem so much intrested in your mantra.& i start chanting it,,but someone told me “we need guru to follow it,without guru we musnt try it”
is it true????
Sir,plz reply with these mantra too.
-to be handsome
-to fulfil wish
-to be attractive
-to get more knowledge.
-to get job

It’s not true that you need a guru to help you to chant mantras. You can do it by yourself. To be attractive or handsome chant the above mantra. For knowledge and job chant Ganesha’s mantra for blessings.

what type of place can we chose to sit and chant mantras?? Like in bed room,out side or somewhere.
And do we need idol or photo of some god to chant mantra??
Waiting for your reply soon.

A place where you feel comfortable is fine for chanting all mantras. It’s not necessary to have an idol or picture of a god in front of you when you chant. Mantras are mystical vibrations that traverse space, place, pictures and reaches the heavens.

Sir I am confused …in one of the post u said…That om kleem kam devay namah…is for to attract the girl who owe u karma…confused again…nd in the other u answered a post….for looking more sexy more appealing…he ask u about three mantras …om kleem kam…or ur mantra….. U answered om kam kleem..mantra…which one do I follow..thank u..

The mantra to become ore attractive serve several purposes and it includes all the answers that were given.

Thank u…but which 1 is more effective?

To Akshat,
OM PADMA SUNDHARYEI NAMAHA is the mantra to use.

Hi Sir, Thank you for sharing this mantra and explaining its benefits. Could you kindly share a mantra for getting a good and beautiful wife please? Thank you again.

– Jai Sai Ram

There is no mantra for acquiring a wife. You’ll need the services of a matchmaker or pray to Lord Ganesha to bless you with what you want.

Thank u…so much….

i am boring from my parents..they always smoke…and also have tobaco etc..
I always advise them 2 leave smoking,having tobaco,but they dont care if possible i want to make them leave smoking widout any presure,by use of mantra,,
is there any mantra to do this??
Plz sir plz try to find it and help me..reply soon,i wil waiting for ur reply with positive response.and if there is mantra please post.

There is no mantra for stopping smoking. But you
Can pray to Lord Ganesha by telling him
Your wish, light incense and ghee lamp, then
Recite his mantra:
Om GuNg Ganapataye Namaha. Do it 108 times.

Good luck to you.

I want to bring more wealth into my life by invoking Lakshmi. How can I do the mantra for 40 days being female? What do I do during my period?

To get better results it’s best to recite a mantra for 90 days if possible and if you have the patience. During your menstrual cycle, take a rest and resume the mantra afterwards.

mein lakshmi chalisa ka regular path karta hu …benefit b hue hai , but sir kuch aisa mantra dijiye jiss se mein apne career aur job ko behtaar kar saku …..

Please can you write in English? It will be much appreciated.

jo mantra apne uper diye hai ..41 days @108 times recite karna hai …iske baad kya jisko hum pyaar karte hai uske pass jakar bolna b hai kya sir?

Please can you write in English? I don’t understand Hindi.

Does these mantras works. It Looks like everybody is being so selfish. Just chanting mantras for there benefit nobody is like praying to god to get nothing. I think these mantras will not work.

Whether mantras work or don’t work depends on the faith and sincerity of the person chanting them.

There are a lot of people who pray to God just out of pure heart and ask for nothing. Maybe you are one of them since you criticise those who ask for something by saying they are selfish.

So everyone don’t chant these mantras coz nothings gonna happen

You sound like a sceptic. All things happen by the will of God and sometimes because of karma.

At this time it seems like Expression Engine is the top blogging
platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are
using on your blog?

No I’m not using Expression Engine and don’t know about it. This is just a humble blog to help those who have faith.

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