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Kanakdhara Mantra for Removing Poverty

Posted on: January 2, 2011

This mantra banishes poverty. Its useful for those who are heavily in debt, have a failing business and financial crisis. Recite the mantra 108 times in the morning after shower or bath. Do it along with daily puja at home, the office or business establishment. The mantra is:

Om Hreem Swahastravadane Kanakeshwari Sheeghram Avatar Aagachh Om Phat Swaha!

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28 Responses to "Kanakdhara Mantra for Removing Poverty"

i want to remove my poverty

Chant the Kanakdhara Mantra 108 times each day after bath. Do this for 90 days and make offerings of puja to Lord Shiva. Also do puja to Mahalaxmi once a week.


I’m sorry to hear about your problems. Please chant the mantra of Lord Ganesha “Om GuNg Ganapataye Namaha” for 108 times daily. This removes obstacles and brings success and blessings.

I m facing a lot of financial problem.i m chanting a Lakshmi mantra ” OM SHREEM HREEM KLEEM SHREEM LAKSHMEER AAGACH AAGACH MAMMANDHIRE TISHTA TISHTA SWAHAA”. Will it help me.

Namaste Mayuri,

Please try to chant “Om Shreem Mahalakshmiye Namaha” for 108 times each day. Do this for 90 days. You need to persevere and have patience. Make offerings to Mahalakshmi each week on Friday with fruit, honey, sweets, milk and flowers. After prayers, these can be distributed to family and friends for prasada.

Wishing you all the best for 2012.

May God remove all your financial problems.

Best wishes,

I am in a heavy lone and in a heavy financial problem. For that my wife always quarrel with me. My life become a burden upon me. Please help me and give me a way by which I can overcame my financial problem.

Namaste Pijush,
Please recite the mantra with a Japa mala and your life will improve by the Grace of God. You must make an effort to do japa and also go to the temple and ask the priest to give you blessings.
Wishing you all the best.

In every aspect of my life, I am the LOOSER. I am now 38. Now no job, no business. what’s the solution. Requesting guidance

Namaste Mr. Nagaraja,
It’s important to be active and do things to improve your life. Try to look at the newspapers and internet to look for a job, go for interviews and be cheerful. It’s essential to think positive thoughts, then positive things will come to you. Meanwhile, please recite the Kanakdhara Mantra for Removing Poverty everyday for 90 days. You need to have faith and believe that things will change for the better. I’m sure the mantra will help you.

Wishing you all the best and good luck in all aspects,

I thought the mantra for Kanakdhara Yantra was Om vam shreem vam aiyeem hreem shreem kleem kanakdharaayei namaha. On this page you have quoted a totally different mantra. Please tell me which is which?

Namaste Friend,

Both mantras can be used but it’s said that the one below may be packed with more ‘power’ by those who have used it :

Om Hreem Swahastravadane Kanakeshwari Sheeghram Avatar Aagachh Om Phat Swaha!

Sir one of my neighbours have told me to recite following mantra of devi kanakadhara. .”eem shreem kanakabargavi kanakadurge kanajadarashriye namaha”is this correct..plz help me thanku.

You can try the mantra your neighbour told you. If it does not work, then try the mantra on this site for 90 days.

I am suffering lot of financial problem, I am married and have son who is now in 9th std. My marriage date is 29.06.1997 and son’s birthday is 22.01.1999, BORN TIME : 11.50 p.m. (FRIDAY) please tell us the mantra to chant to remove poverty and also for my son’s education.

Rama Diwakar Pawar

Namaste Rama,

Chant the mantra for Goddess Lakshmi which is:

Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyeh Namaha.

Recite this 108 times each day or night with a japa mala.

Wishing you all the best. I hope your financial situation will improve soon. Good luck.

Best wishes,

Sir pranam,
need your advice, i have lost some amount in stock mkt, business is also not upto the mark, my relation with my wife is not very cordial we quarell a lot, my son is very week in studies and health, not a single attempt works in any work … please suggest some remedy.

Namaste Arun,

Sorry to hear about your problems. To seek blessings, pray to Lord Ganesha. Regarding monetary matters, please recite the mantra for MahaLakshmi 108 times each day. It’s :

Om Shreem Mahalakshmiye Namaha.

Your son will also benefit from praying to Lord Ganesha. Maybe you should go to a temple to get pujan done for him. Ganesha is also the Lord of Scribes so your son will improve in studies by praying to Him. About health matters, its best to seek the help of a qualified doctor.

Wishing you all the best.

OK SIR… thanks a lot for your valuable advice


sita ram I am a seamstress doing my sewing at home been married for 22 years this year and my finance is in no way improving my business was going good until recently I am not getting any sewing my husband isn’t working together with my son and my daughter is going to college and no money and getting blame for everything what to do I am lost?

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Please tell your husband to try his best to get a job, read the newspapers or look online for work to bring some income. As for your sewing business, you need to advertise maybe in a newspaper or magazine. Are your son and daughter able to get part time or casual jobs to help the family income?

Anyway, you can try the above mantra or go to the temple to ask for blessings from Shri Ganapatiji to remove obstacles from your path and bring you blessings. Ask the priest to do pujan for you.

Wishing you all the best. Keep your chin up and don’t get distressed. Things will gradually improve.

Jay mataji..
Sir I found one eye coconut (ekakshi nariyal). Last Friday.
So tell me what to do…

Jay Mataji.
Sir, I found an one eye coconut (ekakshi nariyal) at past friday
I put it in temple. . Without doing pooja.
What to do.?

It’s best that you ask the person who sold you the coconut what to do. Surely he will be able to help you better.
Best of luck.

I am facing not only financial problems but also getting humiliation from everyone ,even from my family.This is just because for my insufficient finance.I want to get rid of this humiliation and also the monetary issue.Please advice.

Recite this mantra for 90 days. Things will improve as time goes. This mantra also helps with financial troubles. Meanwhile just ignore whatever anyone says about you. Be confident. Pray to Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman for blessings. Go to the temple and ask the priest to make prayers for you. If not then ask a pundit.


Mera Saadi huya 27th Jan 2005, tabse naukri me koi promotion nehi mila, office colleague and boss ke sath achha relation banana chaha, lekin sab koi mera sath rudely behave kiya sab koi mujhe hamesha nicha dikhaya, sab koi mera against me chala gaya, koi vi naukri me mujhe banchit success nehi mila, jabki sal bhar sabse jyada mehnat maybe kiya, bafleme sab koi mera sath galat kiya aur mera financial status dinbadin kharap hota gaya

mera patni bachhe bichar gaya, avi may jobless hu, financial crisis bahut jyada hair

mujhe iss musibat bahar nikalne ke liye koi upay bataiye guruji, aapke site me kanakdhara mantra se keya iss musibat se chutkara milega!!!

sumit ghosh

Please can you write your problem in English? I can’t read Hindi.

Thank you.

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  • narasimhaye: When a mantra is chanted with a sincere heart, there will be no problems at all. Don't worry and don't believe in the things you read. Just continue
  • nitin yogi: sir, i started chanting the mantra "ugram viram maha vishnum jwalntam sarvato mukham narsingham vishnam bhadram mrityu mritum namai aham" in my mind s
  • narasimhaye: Namaste, Please can you write your problem in English? I can't read Hindi. Thank you.

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