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Beeja Mantra for Guru (Jupiter) and the 108 Names

Posted on: November 7, 2008

Mantra for Guru (Jupiter) 

The beeja or seed mantra for Guru is:

Om gram grim graum sah gurave namah.

Beeja mantra should be done 108 times daily.

If you wish instead to recite the 108 names of Guru, you can do this daily too.

108 names of Guru

• Om gurave namah

• Om gunakaraya namah

• Om goptre namah

• Om gocaraya namah

• Om gopatipriyaya namah

• Om gunive namah

• Om gunavatam shrepthaya namah

• Om gurunam gurave namah

• Om avyayaya namah

• Om jetre namah

• Om jayantaya namah

• Om jayadaya namah

• Om jivaya namah

• Om anantaya namah

• Om jayavahaya namah

• Om amgirasaya namah

• Om adhvaramaktaya namah

• Om viviktaya namah

• Om adhvarakritparaya namah

• Om vacaspataye namah

• Om vashine namah

• Om vashyaya namah

• Om varishthaya namah

• Om vagvacaksanaya namah

• Om citta-shuddhi-karaya namah

• Om shrimate namah

• Om caitraya namah

• Om citrashikhandijaya namah

• Om brihad-rathaya namah

• Om brihad-bhanave namah

• Om brihas-pataye namah

• Om abhishtadaya namah

• Om suracaryaya namah

• Om suraradhyaya namah

• Om surakaryakritodyamaya namah

• Om girvanaposhakaya namah

• Om dhanyaya namah

• Om gishpataye namah

• Om girishaya namah

• Om anaghaya namah

• Om dhivaraya namah

• Om dhishanaya namah

• Om divya-bhushanaya namah

• Om deva-pujitaya namah

• Om dhanurddharaya namah

• Om daitya-hantre namah

• Om dayasaraya namah

• Om dayakaraya namah

• Om dariddya-nashanaya namah

• Om dhanyaya namah

• Om daksinayanasambhavaya namah

• Om dhanurminadhipaya namah

• Om devaya namah

• Om dhanurbana-dharaya namah

• Om haraye namah

• Om angarovarshasamjataya namah

• Om angirah kulasambhavaya namah

• Om sindhu-desha-adhipaya namah

• Om dhimate namah

• Om svarnakayaya namah

• Om catur-bhujaya namah

• Om heman-gadaya namah

• Om hemavapushe namah

• Om hemabhushanabhushitaya namah

• Om pushyanathaya namah

• Om pushyaragamanimandanamandi kasha-pushpa-samanabhaya namah

• Om indradyamarasamghapaya namah

• Om asamanabalaya namah

• Om satva-guna-sampadvibhavasave bhusurabhishtadaya namah

• Om bhuriyashase namah

• Om punya-vivardhanaya namah

• Om dharma-rupaya namah

• Om dhana-adhyaksaya namah

• Om dhanadaya namah

• Om dharma-palanaya namah

• Om sarva-veda-artha-tattva-jnaya namah

• Om sarva-padvinivarakaya namah

• Om sarva-papa-prashamanaya namah

• Om svramatanugatamaraya namah rigveda-paragaya namah

• Om riksarashimargapracaravate sada-anandaya namah

• Om satya-samdhaya namah

• Om satya-samkalpa-manasaya namah

• Om sarva-gamajnaya namah

• Om sarva-jnaya namah

• Om sarva-vedanta-vide namah

• Om brahma-putraya namah

• Om brahmaneshaya namah

• Om brahma-vidya-avisharadaya namah

• Om samana-adhi-kanirbhuktaya namah

• Om sarva-loka-vashamvadaya namah

• Om sasura-asura-gandharva-vanditaya satya-bhashanaya namah

• Om brihaspataye namah

• Om suracaryaya namah

• Om dayavate namah

• Om shubha-laksanaya namah

• Om loka-traya-gurave namah

• Om shrimate namah

• Om sarva-gaya namah

• Om sarvato vibhave namah

• Om sarveshaya namah

• Om sarvadatushtaya namah

• Om sarva-daya namah

• Om sarva-pujitaya namah

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27 Responses to "Beeja Mantra for Guru (Jupiter) and the 108 Names"

Thanks a lot for sharing the 108 Names of Guru slogam. I searched a lot and finally got this site. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad you finally found the 108 Names of Jupiter (Guru) at my blog site. New material is added everyday so please check back to see other posts that may be of interest to you whenever you have time.

Fairdinkum ,
after searching eventually I have found it, thanking you kindly.

Thank you for this wonderful information about GURU
—Dhiraj Naidoo –South Africa


Could you please advise when is the best time to carry out the jupiter mantra?

Is it okay to carry it out any time of the day?

PLease advise the rules if any – many thanks


The best time is between 4am and 5am which is known as “Brahma Muhurta, the Hour of Purity. If this time does not suit you, then any time of day is fine. Just perform the mantra at the same time each day for 108 times.

The Jupiter mantra can be carried out during any time of the day. No rules or regulations.

which finger we should use for chanting the guru mantra

Hold your ring finger and thumb together. Hold a japa mala. Use your middle finger to rotate the beads towards you while chanting the mantra. Each rotation is for one mantra.

is it make guru strong

if i do not wear pukhraj and only chant this mantra will it enhance the power of guru

Yes if you no not wear pukhraj but chant the mantra, it will still enhance the power of guru.

sir ,
i have been facing negative feelings since 2005. it is making me weak.what should i do

Namaste Deepak,
Repeat the mantra of Lord Ganesha “Om GuNg Ganapataye Namaha” for 108 times daily. This removes obstacles and brings blessings. Best wishes to you, Narasimhaye

can you please write the meaning of each line u provided above .. many thanks

I’m not a guru so I can’t write the meanings of each and every single line of the meanings.

I want to wear pukhraj , I need to to honam for this. what guruvar mantra should I used for the honam. Also, what guru mantar should I use to do the guru puja to activate pukhraj

What is Pukhraj in English? I’m sorry, my memory is not good with certain words after I came out of a coma not so long ago. There are certain Hindi and Sanskrit words that I cannot remember.

If you can tell me, I will give you an appropriate reply.

Yes I can recall now, it’s Yellow Sapphire for Planet Jupiter. The only mantra you need to chant is the mantra for Jupiter. This will activate your Yellow Sapphire.

I am told to recite 19,000 : om graam greem graum sah brihasptay namah

but I have to do havan also: which Jupiter mantar should I do: I am thinking om brim brihaspatye namah, instead of namah should I do savah for the havan.

also: does the stone have to be soaked in milk, washed with water, and kept on yellow cloth and mediation for brishspatye

if I understand it is 3 step process

Yes the following mantra:

om brim brihaspatye namah

will be fine. You’re correct its a 3 step process so please follow it and you will get results. It will be beneficial to do havan for it too.


To put it in layman’s terms:

GRAM GRIM GRAUM are the mystical syllables (mantras) devised by ancient rishis to pay salutations (Sah) to Planet Jupiter (Gurvey(.

Om dradash Dasham chaturth janamani shat athke tritya kalach vyadhi dhan labh mitra soor guru krute namo namah.

Om dradash Dasham chaturth janamani shat athke tritya kalach vyadhi dhan labh mitra rodh soor guru krute namo namah…Is this Mantra correct and what is the significance of this mantra ?please advice…

You will need to ask the person who gave you this mantra that you mentioned, about it’s significance. Also ask his advice becos only he knows why he gave you the mantra.

If you are going for most excellent contents like I do, only visit this website daily as it provides feature contents, thanks

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  • narasimhaye: When a mantra is chanted with a sincere heart, there will be no problems at all. Don't worry and don't believe in the things you read. Just continue
  • nitin yogi: sir, i started chanting the mantra "ugram viram maha vishnum jwalntam sarvato mukham narsingham vishnam bhadram mrityu mritum namai aham" in my mind s
  • narasimhaye: Namaste, Please can you write your problem in English? I can't read Hindi. Thank you.

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