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Jyeshta Lakshmi or ‘Jeshta Devi’

Posted on: November 2, 2008

Jyeshta Lakshmi or ‘Jeshta Devi’


Jyestha Devi is mentioned in ancient scriptures to be the older sister of Laxmi and Dispeller of Sorrows and Misfortunes. Vedic mythology mentions that the Lord of Kali Yuga hid Jyestha Devi from the human race so that they have to undergo various lessons before getting salvation.

Its said that the Lord of Kali Yug is changing his mind out of compassion and letting humans find and worship Jyestha Devi so that they can live prosperous lives that were common in past yugas. Its also believed that in the previous yug (Dwapara Yug), people worshipped Jyestha Devi for help in overcoming severe drought and famine, and despite the odds to live in prosperity and happiness.

Those who worship Jyestha Devi tend not to have losses in income or business, and will sometimes receive money unexpectedly. Everyday, She drives out negativity and ill fortune from individuals, households and business premises.

Brahmapureeswarar, an ancient temple in Kanchipuram is known for Jyestha Devi worship along with a huge Ganesha (Motta Ganesha).  Its believed that Jyestha Devi is highly fond of Ganesha and would literally offer prayers daily to this Ganesha.

Siddhas have specific/special days when they are able to observe the worship bearing fruit.  In Vedic terms, the days are known as ‘Tri-Thina-Spuruk’ when 3 stars or Nakshatras are all seen in one day. This is very rare but considered highly auspicious for Jyeshta Devi worship. Other than these specific days, Sundays are also considered fine for offering pujas to Jyestha Devi.

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Yeah..Whatever mentioned above is true.

@ WestOnyx we are inthe way construction of 1000 yrs old Sri Jyeshta Devi temple near chennai…

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i pleased to say proudly our ancient culture n customs are great. Man with busy race of life unable to know .am very happy to know about jestadevi i am worshiper of rajarajeswari since 30yrs. May jesta laxmi bless me to attain incarnation thankyou .

men must know n worship goddess n lord vinayaka get benifitted n advise others to their betterment.i definetly adv my followers thankyou

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